Latin American Policy

Tuesday, 07 February 2017

At the change of administrations the community of scholars, businessmen, and foreign policy experts ask the question: What will be the impact of the new administration on Latin American policy? Attached are 3 articles that shed some light. It may be too early to tell, but there are already some fissures developing in our relationship with the countries, mostly because of potential protectionism and the approach towards Mexico. A number of Latin American countries have come out in support of Mexico in the scrap with Washington.
Latin America has always been a reservoir of good feelings and support for the United States internationally. Even Mexico, which for many years feared a close relationship with the United States, has been a good partner since the 1980s. American isolationism and protectionism will encourage Latin American countries to diversify their relations. You can hear the tinkling of champagne glasses in Beijing as the US pulled out of the Pacific Trade pact. China will now be the center of gravity for Pacific free trade. It will write the rules and reap the benefits rather than us. We would then contribute to the rise of Chinese power in the Pacific. Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Chile will be benificiaries of foreign investment because they have extensive trade agreements around the globe, which is attractive to foreign manufacturers who can thereby export to more countries. Below are 3 articles which provide insights:


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