The Pan American Association provides News & Notes for the Philadelphia community and for all those interested in developing a better understanding of the vibrant and deep relationship between the United States and the people of the Americas. For over 70 years the Pan American Association has been the preeminent forum for dialogue in the Delaware Valley on a relationship which is intensifying daily. We hope that News & Updates will serve as a solid bridge of communication among all the countries of the Americas. Never in history has the need for such a dialogue been greater than it is today.

  • Bolivia: future of climate change?

    Tuesday, 26 January 2016

    Bolivian lake disappears. Various causes contributed, including climate change, according to experts.

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  • OAS Leader: New Voice

    Tuesday, 26 January 2016

    Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro of Uruguay, is making the organization relevant again by denouncing violations of human rights and democratic practice.

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  • Brazil's Economic Downturn

    Wednesday, 30 December 2015

    Not long ago Brazil was hailed as an economic powerhouse, surpassing the United Kingdom in ranking of gross national product. For a variety of reasons the economy has contracted. The Economist magazine analyzes the reasons and speculates about the future.

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  • Bolsa Familia Succeeds

    Tuesday, 22 December 2015

    Attached is an excellent article on Brazil's creative anti-poverty program.
    It has raised up millions from poverty. The program has been adapted by a number of countries and enhanced Brazil's soft power around the globe.

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  • Cuba Not Freer

    Friday, 18 December 2015

    According to Washington Post veteran Latin American reporter Charles Lane, little has changed in Cuba in terms of freedom since the agreement to reestablish full relations with the United States.

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  • Property Claims Cuba

    Wednesday, 09 December 2015

    US and Cuban diplomats are discussing the $1.9 billion in claims that Americans have against Cuba for properties seized by the Cuban government after Castro seized power.

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  • Opposition Margin in Venezuela

    Tuesday, 08 December 2015

    The opposition to the Maduro government claims that it’s close to achieving and absolute legislative majority, 112 seats. This is the first time that the government has not controlled the legislature, having already dominated the executive and how Maduro and company will respond to the loss of power.

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  • Coming Turmoil in Latin Ameica

    Friday, 04 December 2015

    The distinguished Venezuelan intellectual, Moisé Naím, argues that the period of prosperity in Latin America, 2004 to 2013, is yielding to slow growth. This will hurt the middle class an may bring what he calls “corrosive social conflict, government paralysis, and political instability.”

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  • Impeachment Proceedings Against Dilma

    Thursday, 03 December 2015

    Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff faces impeachment, an unprecedented event in that country and perhaps Latin America. A summary: “Eduardo Cunha, speaker of Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, approved the launching of the impeachment proceedings. The process will examine Rousseff’s possible connection to a huge corruption scandal at the state-controlled oil company Petrobras and the decision by Petrobras to buy an overpriced oil refinery in Pasadena, Tex., in 2006 when Rousseff was the company’s board chairwoman, officials said. More seriously, the proceedings will focus on allegations that she broke the law through irregularities in the government’s accounting and spending.”

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  • The Fearless Nun

    Thursday, 03 December 2015

    For more than 17 years, Sister Neyda Rojas, a Catholic nun, has been serving God in a place described as hell on earth—a Venezuelan prison. If you value human rights this is a powerful story.

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